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Using social media for marketing your wedding business is becoming the expected norm. With only 10% of small businesses refusing to use social media for marketing this year (down from 24% last year) it is obvious that not only are brides expecting to find you online, but the results for businesses are growing as well.

If you are already using social media for marketing purposes the next stage is to start tracking your ROI (return on investment) for your marketing expenses. For instance, if you can prove that with $100 of social media marketing you can land two brides who spend over $2,000 with you then the obvious next move in growing your business would be to boost your social media marketing budget.

The main thing to remember is to make sure that you are tracking every part of your marketing. Exactly where are you spending the money, and how do the results break down? What are the places that do not give you a good return, and what places give you great benefits? If you can answer that question then you should be able to re-work your marketing budget in a way which gives you higher benefits to the amount you are spending. Make sure to check out the article by Phil Mershon to learn more about tracking social media marketing.

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