Women TalkingIf you are ready to give up on social media because of a lack of interaction on your page hold back for a bit. While you may be doing everything correctly the hard truth is that even the big names can have trouble getting interaction going on their page.

So what makes a difference between a business that gets a ton of interaction and those that don’t? First off, don’t confuse interaction with interest. You might have a ton of readers who are keeping up with what you post and just don’t comment on it. If you still have a feeling like you are doing something wrong and are having trouble getting likes Kevin Daum recommends that you slow down when you are working on your posts. It’s easy to write something and send it out without considering whether it makes sense and would encourage any form of excitement or interaction.

Avoid posting about the basics like “Holding an outdoor wedding? Consider getting a backup location in case of weather issues.” While there may be a few brides who never thought about that before they aren’t going to respond to the post, and it certainly won’t motivate anyone to Like or follow you. Spice it up by sharing tasteful wedding blooper videos, and semi-controversial questions like “Are tan suits replacing black suites for weddings?” For the wedding pointers tap into major mistakes that you’ve seen brides do and post “Don’t do A unless you want B.” What do you think, would changing the way you are posting change the type of interaction you see on social media?

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