Hey wedding pro, are you ready for the huge wedding boom that is happening right now? 

As restrictions on large gatherings loosen, couples who had to postpone their wedding last year are now on the search for the perfect wedding pro to help make their 2021 wedding really special. 

Your ideal couples need you right now. 

They need to know who you are.

What you do

And how you can help them.

“What’s the experience that they are truly looking to create? How can you uniquely answer that, and furthermore, how are you able to reflect that in your website, your emails, your social posts, and everything that you do?” 

So, how do you stand out from your competitors, connect with your ideal couples, and book more weddings in 2021? By making sure that your ideal couples know exactly what it is they are buying from you. 

The buying decision is an emotional one

What exactly are your ideal couples buying from you?

  • Beautiful photography
  • A gorgeous venue
  • Great music

Whilst these answers are true, this is not the answer that is going to help you stand out from your competitors and be seen by your ideal couples. To help your couples feel confident in booking with you over any other wedding venue, DJ, or photographer, you need to speak directly to their emotional needs. 

Every couples’ emotional needs are different. Your high-end couples will want something different from your party couples. Here are a few examples of what different couples are actually buying when they hire a wedding pro. 

High-end couples: A specific atmosphere that is consistent throughout the night and upholds their reputation.

Party couples: Non-stop modern music that creates a club vibe.

Family couples: A welcoming space that is helping bring many generations together.

If your ideal couple can get one of their friends to DJ their wedding, why should they hire you? Speaking directly to their emotional needs will help them understand why you are so valuable, and why the service that you provide is so much more than just playing good music. 

How to get clear on what you are actually offering your ideal couples 

What do you think sets you apart from every other wedding pro?

You may be able to figure this out on our own by doing deep mind work, but when you need a little more clarity and insight into how your couples think and feel we recommend contacting your past couples, and asking them what it is that they really liked about working with you. 

You are not looking for basic answers that could be describing any DJ such as: 

“Your winning personality” 


“Your music kept everyone going all night”

You want to ask your past couples specific questions that will give you specific answers. Here are a  few examples:

  • What do I do differently? 
  • What did you love about working with me?
  • What made you feel confident that I was the right person for you?

Gaining this insight into how your ideal couples think will help you get clear on what it is they are really buying from you, what is the experience they are truly looking to create with your service, and how you are able to uniquely provide that.

It is important that you are thinking about your business and your offering from your couple’s perspective. What is it that they are looking to create? Not: what do I want for them?

Once you can get clear on what it is you are actually offering our ideal couples and what it is they are actually buying from you, you can start to reflect this back in:

  • Your language
  • The images on your website
  • Sales conversations
  • Social media posts 

Showing your ideal couples you understand them and their emotional needs will give your couples the confidence to say “Okay, you get me, let’s have a conversation.”

So wedding pro, are you ready to book more weddings in 2021?

If you are ready to finally get clear on what your couples are actually buying from you, build a stronger online presence, and book more weddings in 2021, then you are going to love the 3 part series we are sharing on the Book More Brides podcast. 

This series will help you restart your wedding business in 2021 with confidence and book more couples than you ever have before. 

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