We have all heard of and even experienced blunders that were made at a wedding which created a nightmare. According to Sharon Hill aka The Wedding Planner Mentor, most of those incidents are things that an experienced wedding professional would be able to prevent.

You don’t have to be a wedding  planner to swoop in and save the day by helping your brides avoid these top blunders.  I found these particularly interesting:

1.  The bride arrives late for her wedding. Contact the bride and the bridal party to assure they are running on schedule, long before the ceremony begins.

2.  Noisy venues. If the bride wants a venue where noise is an issue, make sure the bride is aware of it and suggest alternate locations. Brides can sometimes fall in love with the look of a venue and not notice sound issues.

3. Bad wedding date. A bride may choose to have her wedding on a long holiday weekend, or a holiday itself, thinking that people would be free to attend. Often guests will not appreciate having to give up their holiday time to attend a wedding. Travel and lodging can also be more expensive and difficult during a holiday.

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