think about u

Like it or not, sometimes problems in a wedding business come directly from the top. Resolving those problems is what builds a successful business, while allowing them to fester can quickly destroy your business. When you are running your own business it is crucial to take time at least twice a year to analyze your attitudes towards your work and the brides you work with, as well as habits which you have developed.

There is always the good and the bad. You might have implemented giving brides a free gift if they sign with you, but at the same time developed irritation towards most mother of the brides (okay, that’s almost a given). Once you’ve analyzed where you stand with things you need to think through ways to make it better. If you don’t deal with attitude and perspective issues they build up making you dislike your own business, and slow results.

If you find yourself really stuck with a problem it’s time to get outside help to help you think things through whether that is a friend, book or coach. Melanie Brooks has a great article to get you started. Remember, building a successful business doesn’t just take implementing great business techniques. It takes you as the owner being able to think outside the box, resolving problems, and being the driving force behind everything that happens. What do you think?

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