pyramid of success

What is an innovative business idea? Most of us get this feeling that to be innovative in our business requires a lot of money, and an overly creative mind. However, according to the interview on Anna Farmery’s blog The Engaging Brand that is simply not true. Innovation is any idea that you come up with and apply that helps you reach your end goal. It really is that simple.

For a wedding business innovation can be the system you set up to handle leads, or a great marketing campaign that draws in a lot of brides. So how can you come up those ideas? One of the very first and most important steps is to get a good feel for where your business is currently, and what your end goal is. That includes writing out your purpose statement. Ask yourself why are you in the wedding business and what is it that your business does that provides value to brides. From there you can find the weak points in your business and innovate ways to fix those issues. To learn more about innovation in business make sure to listen to the audio interview on Anna Farmery’s blog! What do you think?

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