freaking out

If you don’t want your wedding business past to come up and bite you from behind then it’s best to avoid the mistakes that create that kind of past. Cast in point; don’t post anything on your website or on social media sites when you are drunk. Remember that once something is online, it stays online. It doesn’t matter who you are or how large a cleanup crew you have, there is no way to guarantee that the information you posted is gone for good.

No one likes having mistakes in their past that can mess with their business future. But what you might not realize is that often it’s the small mistakes that create the biggest havoc. In their article The Young Entrepreneur Council on recommends making sure to always keep your information in the about me, and contact sections up to date. These places are often where people go first, and the last thing you want is for brides, or even worse those you are networking with to get outdated information. Not only does it look bad, it can lead to your having to honor problematic business practices that you have moved past. What do you think?

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