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When you get involved in the wonderful world of internet marketing you find how incredibly valuable it can be for your business. So why is it a problem? Because you have to make sure you have created your products, and built your business foundation before you get caught up in the internet marketing side of things.

Annie Mueller has written an extremely helpful article reminding small business owners about the importance of focusing on your product, not your marketing. As she says you can work all day on internet marketing, and the reality is that you need to be spending most of your time (80%) on your business and products, creating value, and then spend the rest on marketing.

The reason that this is so important is not only because everyone makes this mistake, but because in order for you to sell your products and services you need to be passionate at them, and not quite as passionate about the marketing. If you love marketing so much you might want to go full time into that field, but if your passion really is your wedding business then remember to keep focused. What do you think?

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