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It’s been said that failure is easy, but success, that is what is hard. It might not seem like this is true, but as anyone who has found true success can tell you, getting there took a lot of hard work. In fact when it comes to business there are two main factors for failure, not being cut out for the job, and more often than that it is simply a matter of the entrepreneur not sticking with it and doing what it took to make their business a success.

In his article Ashkan Karbasfrooshan points out yet another important factor to building a successful business: timing. Timing in your business, from when you start it to when you launch new products isn’t just a gamble. In fact if you gamble with timing you are very likely to fail. Timing is a matter of strategy. You have to watch wedding industry trends and figure out when the best time is to move forward. Rule of thumb in building a wedding business: don’t re-create the wheel. Pay attention to the market, and take a cue from other successful wedding businesses. What is your biggest hindrance right now to being more successful in business and how can you overcome it?

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