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Have you tried mobile marketing for your wedding business? It’s the new kid on the block, and a very popular one at that. With 1/3 or more of Americans having smartphones, mobile marketing reaches a lot of people. There are a lot of ways to tap into this market. Some companies have built apps for their business and others simply optimize their webpage for mobile phones which is a good idea anyway as a lot of brides are on the go when they are looking you up.

No matter which format you choose to go with it is crucial that you have a mobile specific opt-in tied to your contact list. The difference with mobile opt-ins and normal opt-ins is that those who enter their information expect to receive text message updates at least once a month. Instead of gathering their address and other information a mobile opt-in needs to be kept simple with brides only giving out their names and phone numbers. Make sure that you make it clear what they are signing up for. If you are going to use that number to call them then you have to specify it. For more information on mobile opt-in forms make sure to check out Kane Russell’s article. What do you think? Is mobile marketing something you need to add to your business?

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