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Marketing used to seem rather simple. You came up with billboards, TV and radio spots, and print ads. Now, if a wedding business wants’ to be successful they have to be just as focused on online marketing if not more so.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is critical on a website as any website that isn’t correctly optimized is going to ignored by the search engines. But Social Media is in some ways the other side of the coin to SEO. Social Media share buttons on your site tell search engines just as much as the SEO does.

If brides are interacting with you on the social media sites, and are sharing your information search engines see this as a good thing (which it is!) and recognize that if people are “talking” about your site and articles you are writing then it means you have great content, and are answering peoples questions. The more interaction you get on your site, even if that interaction is integrated with social media, the more the search engines will like you, the higher your site will show up in search results, and more brides will be able to find you. Make sure to read the article by Nick Stamoulis to learn more about how SEO and Social Media work together. What do you think?

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