follow up with wedding leads

A question that comes up a lot with our Book More Brides Growth Academy Students is:

How often should you follow up with your wedding leads? 

The question that usually follows is…

How do you keep following-up without being annoying?

“In the wedding industry, we’re always worried about coming off as that annoying wedding professional who just keeps bugging people and won’t let them go. 

We think, ‘Oh, they don’t really want what I have, otherwise they would have got in touch with me, right?'”

If the fear of coming across as too salesy and annoying is holding you back from following up with potential couples, booking more brides, and growing your wedding business, then you’re in the right place! By the end of this blog, you will understand exactly how often you should follow up with potential couples and how to follow up without being annoying. You will also learn a powerful follow-up strategy you can incorporate today that will make following up with wedding leads more effortless and, ultimately, more successful.

Are you ready? Let’s begin.

Why Are Follow-ups Crucial For The Growth Of Your Wedding Business? 

You don’t know what your couples are going through…

They could be juggling a lot of family issues.

Job demands.

Stress from planning a wedding.

When life happens and time slips away, your potential couples might forget about you. But that  doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in your incredible wedding product or service; it just means they might need more helpful reminders of who you are, what you do, and how you can help them.

How Often Should You Follow Up With Leads?

The answer is always: you need to follow up far more than you think you do.

Have you ever heard the term, the fortune is in the follow-up? It’s simple, the more you follow up, the more likely you will make a sale. 

But how many times should you follow up with a specific couple? 5?10? 20?

Your job as a wedding professional is to be in front of couples who are ready to book, with enough information so they can make a decision now. However, if they’re not at that point yet, and many won’t be, you need to continue to reach out to them so you are there when they are finally ready. Don’t stop your follow-up unless they tell you one of three answers:

  1. I’ve gone with somebody else. 
  2. I’ve already gotten married.
  3. Yes, I’m ready to talk with you. 

You need to keep going until you get one of those three answers. Sometimes that can mean 10 touchpoints, 15 touchpoints or even 20 touch points until you get an answer. 

How Do You Follow Up With Leads Without Being Annoying?

I want to introduce you to a term we use a lot with our Book More Brides Growth Academy students: Professional persistence.

Being professionally persistent with following-up will allow you to consistently reach out to your potential couples without being needy and, ultimately, turning them off from working with you. Incorporating a professionally persistent follow-up strategy has allowed many of our Book More Brides Growth Academy students to convert more potential couples into booked and excited brides. Like Destiny, a post office turned wedding venue owner. 

Destiny incorporated a professionally persistent follow-up strategy with a potential couple who turned down her unique venue because she was booked out on their chosen wedding date.   

Destiny could have said:

“Oh, what a shame your dates are not available. Best of luck to you.”

Instead, Destiny was professionally persistent:

She reached out to her potential couple after they said no to booking her venue on alternative dates and said, 

“So great to meet you. Here is a reminder of the dates that are available if you change your mind”.

And guess what? The couple booked immediately. Because Destiny followed up with the couple, they changed the date of their wedding to the one she suggested and were able to still have their wedding at a beautiful venue they adored. 

The Perfect Follow-up Strategy To Book More Brides

Being professionally persistent involves finding the ideal balance between GIVING useful information and ASKING for a sale. 

In our Book More Brides Growth Academy, our students use the Give Give Ask strategy to follow up with their wedding leads and avoid coming across as spammy and annoying. This easy and effective email strategy involves the following sequence:

Two GIVE emails:

Providing valuable information that helps your couples feel confident to make a decision about their wedding without pressuring them to buy now.

One ASK email:

“If you are ready for more information about what I do, let’s set up a consultation.”

This simple but powerful strategy will allow you to achieve the perfect follow-up that turns more Maybes into Yeses!

Take Your Wedding Business To The Next Level In 2022

With a strong and engaging follow-up sequence, you no longer have to be afraid of coming across as too salesy and annoying. Instead, you can revamp your wedding business for 2022 and get ready for the biggest year of weddings in nearly 40 years by incorporating some of these methods today. 

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follow up with wedding leads