laughing bride

Clients who are dealing with horrible customer service can change from your best customer ever, to telling the world how terrible your company is overnight. Take our friends who had their 2007 Dodge Charger die on them. Chrysler has run them around the block so many times that they finally decided to not only complain to the BBB, but also started a viral movement online. Brides want to be treated as if they matter and need you to take the time in your wedding business to make them feel like you care and are personally involved in their problem.

So how do you know how to keep your brides happy? If someone complains, act on it immediately. You are the one who can change an unhappy client into someone who will recommend you over and over again. That said brides will not always come to you directly so keeping an eye on online mentions through services like Google Alerts is crucial. If you know what is being said about you it allows you to act on bad comments by resolving the situation. You’re not putting fires out; you are using pressure to turn a lump of coal into a diamond. Be the best you can be, care about your brides, and your reputation will grow by leaps and bounds.

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