QR code

If you haven’t heard about QR codes, you have probably seen them around. They are gaining popularity, and are no longer being used just to track vehicle parts. So what are these codes for? They are used to store information such as a url, contact information, hidden text, or basically any type of encoded information that you don’t want everyone to see without being serious about following through on their interest.

At this point however their effectiveness is limited to about a quarter of the population in the USA as they are only usable by people who have QR code readers, which tends to only be people with SmartPhones. That said, according to John Paul Titlow’s article, those who have access to the technology often use it. They are gaining popularity and are showing up everywhere, so if you want to reach tech savvy brides you may just want to think about using one on your website or on a mailing as a marketing strategy tied to a promotion or contest.

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