cluttered desk

The first time I walked into an office cubical that had a desk covered in a million projects, and walls covered with pictures, some type of grass weaving, and post-it notes I was in shock. Admittedly I used to be a major neat freak, but it was like walking into a house where there were 5 kids under the age of 10. Since that time I have joined the legions of people who sometimes find themselves buried behind stacks of papers.

Working in that kind of clutter not only looks bad to others who step into your office, it is incredibly distracting to you. Instead of being able to find a file in 15 seconds, it may take up 15 minutes or more of digging. However, it doesn’t just slow you down as you work. It can also affect the quality of your work. According to George’s article “The laziness that your clutter exemplifies will find its way into your final products.” No wedding business wants to do less than their best and deal with grumpy and unhappy brides, so get a file cabinet, some desktop organizers and make sure a trash can is within the reach of your desk!

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