Are you sick of getting emails from brides who only seem to want to know about price?

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Not if you’re available, not the quality of your service, but HOW MUCH?

You know you do excellent work.  That’s not the problem.  How do you convince her that you’re worth the price?

There are some very specific actions you can take that demonstrate your value immediately.  This is vitally important.  Otherwise, you end up in the price question trap.

5 Ways to Prove Your Value

1. Make an Outstanding First Impression

Studies show that we made an impression about a person we meet or a business we’re exposed to in about 30 seconds…then we spend the rest of our interaction with them coming up with evidence to support that first impression.

You’ve got 30 seconds to present yourself as a valuable service or you risk blowing it forever.

You can do this with:

  • A professionally designed website that’s easy to use and pleasant to look at.  Yep, looks count.
  • A clear, friendly tone when you answer the phone.  Are you smiling when you pick up?
  • A clear, friendly professional voice mail message.
  • Beautiful professionally designed marketing, from your business cards to your brochures, advertisements and beyond.
  • Powerful, professional copy on your website.

We always tell brides it’s worth hiring a professional if you want quality service.  Well, if we want to convince brides of our value right away, hire a pro to create that value-filled first impression.

2.  Give Them FREE Valuable Information

The best way to prove your value to brides right away is to give them free, valuable information immediately…before they book.

Do you wait for them to plunk down the deposit before you share your “secret” tips and information?

If you do, you’re missing a powerful opportunity to show her just why you’re worth your price.

Instead, give her the goods up front.  This can be a free report you share on your website, referrals and ideas you give her during an in person meeting, or advice you give in an email.

I’ve exchanged dozens of emails with brides who hadn’t even chosen a location yet.  I’ve helped them with everything from budgeting (dangerous turf!) to finding the perfect wedding location.

When she’s ready to book her entertainment, I don’t have to say a word about my value.  She’s convinced herself.

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3.  Bride Reviews and Testimonials

95% of people make decisions based on what everyone else is doing.

Brides listen to other brides more than anyone else when planning their weddings.  She’s not going to listen to your arguments about your value…but she WILL listen to Suzie, Betty and Zoe who are talking about you on the Knot.

Invite your happy clients to post a review of your services on Wedding Wire, Wedding Mapper, in the Knot chat rooms or anywhere else you can find.

Use those reviews and testimonials on your website, in your marketing and even in your emails.  Share them with brides before you meet with them.

She’ll be convinced of your value because everyone else says so.

4.  Give Them a First Hand Experience

A bride will have an immediate understanding of your value if you give her a first hand experience of it.  Let her see, feel and hear what it will be like having you on her wedding day, or as close as you can come to it.

There’s nothing like a first hand experience to convince you of the value of something.  That’s why brides don’t even CARE about the price if they saw you at a friend’s wedding; they already know you’re worth it.

Get as close to that first hand experience as possible.  Immerse them in the experience so that they imagine themselves in that moment on their own wedding day.

You can do this by:

  • Placing an amazing wedding album into the bride’s hands.  Let her page through and see the emotional story on those pages.
  • Playing a wedding video that shows the beauty and uniqueness of a couple’s wedding.
  • Telling an emotional story about one of your previous couples.

Use the power of story through images, video and words to get her imagining exactly what it’s like to work with you.  Your value will be understood very quickly once she sees herself in that picture.

5.  Be Her Friend

We want to do business with people who we like, people we trust, people who we consider FRIENDS.

If you were getting married, you’d turn to your wedding vendor friends for their services and advice.  Why?

Because you already trust them.  You’d be eliminating the worry and stress of hiring a stranger.  That trust is worth a lot.

If a bride sees you as a friend, she won’t just want to work with you; she won’t be able to imagine working with anyone but you.

Don’t treat her like a friend; BE her friend.  This isn’t something you can fake.  But when really become a friend for her, that’s true value.

What works best for you to convey your value to brides?

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