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Integrating social media with your wedding business website is crucial. No, I’m not just saying that. Not only does it connect all the different sites that you are on, it also boosts your search engine ratings. It isn’t enough just to have a website. While that is good, brides expect to find you on at least two social media platforms.

So why do brides want to connect with you on social media, and yet still expect you to have a website? Your main website is like your actual business. It’s all about what you do, what your prices are, and is really just an online version of your business. Social media is something else entirely. While it gives brides a taste of your business the primary purpose is for them to learn more about you. What you do, weddings you are doing, news about the industry and mainly it tells them that you care about THEM, and want to build a personal relationship, building trust.

A cool way to integrate Twitter with your website is through a customized widget that shows your stream with the most recent posts you have made. This helps merge the world of your professional business website with the more social side of your business, and encourages brides to follow you on Twitter, and stay connected, keeping you at the forefront of their mind.

To Learn How To Add A Twitter Widget To Your Website Check Out This Video By Bride Appeal.

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