jury summons

I walk into a room crowded with other reluctant potential jurors reporting for jury duty.  All the seats are taken, so I huddle in the corner with six other women.

No one knows what we’re supposed to do.  There is no one in charge and no one is working here for us to ask.

I feel uncertain, even a little scared.

Am I in the right place?  Am I doing the right thing?  Right next door to the courthouse, I wonder if making the wrong move could be breaking the law.

It’s 45 minutes before the Commissioner of Jurors appears.  She explains what’s going on (finally!) and instructs us to separate our juror card along the perforations.  Of course, I screw it up and separate the perforations on the wrong side.

My anxiety increases.

Then it occurs to me that this is how our brides and grooms feel about planning a wedding: the complete insecurity, the anxiety, the need to do things “right” and the fear of what will happen if they mess it up.

Step into the bride’s shoes for a minute and imagine what this strange, unfamiliar planning a wedding landscape must look like for her.  She doesn’t know how much it should cost, or how to tell the real pros from the duds, or what it takes to run an event smoothly from start to finish.  Even the most sophisticated bride with her bulging planning binder is completely bereft and ignorant of just how huge a feat she has undertaken in planning a wedding.

For goodness’ sake, save her already!

Give her clear instructions about what to expect and what she needs to do.  Take charge.  She will be so, so grateful.

Believe me, brides don’t want to figure everything out on their own.  They need YOU to make this easy.

When they flounder, they’ll end up clinging to the one who throws them a life raft.

Be the couple’s wedding superhero and you’ll be richly rewarded.

How do you rescue your brides and grooms?

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