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People often get frustrated with understanding how Twitter works, and how to get it to work for a business. When it comes to your wedding business the goal is to get as many targeted Twitter followers as possible. Your target is the bridal market, and specifically brides who are ready to book.

So how do you find these brides? The first thing is to make sure you are posting fun and helpful Tweets. From there you can find the brides by following other big wedding brides like The Knot. Then you want to follow their followers, but make sure you keep to following only 50 people max per day. Of course this leads to clutter in your list. Your end goal is to have more targeted followers than people you are following. If you need help in keeping your Twitter account clean and organized make sure to view the slide show by Elijah Daniel.

Remember, Twitter is like every other social network. The goal is to be social, and to keep your addition of followers and your following organic. Don’t spam people! Brides are looking for a trustworthy business to work with them so make sure you do everything you can to hold their trust. What do you think? Have you found a great way to grow your Twitter account and build your business through Twitter?

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