By Kylie Carlson, International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning

The new year brings a close to the holiday season and our chance as wedding professionals to examine the coming year.  The 2017 International Wedding Trends Report is the perfect place to start to gain an overview of what we can expect to see.

Color in Fashion and Design

The 2017 Pantone Color of the Year is “Greenery” which will predictably have a major influence on floral and overall event design. In fashion, however, the “suggested pairings,” especially shades of pink and gold, are poised to dominate.

Louise Beukes of B. Loved points to the popularity of the ballet trend, saying, “Nude palettes are undeniably chic, teamed with gold for a touch of luxe or deep slate greys for a more dramatic look.” In some contrast, though, she also reports that we can expect to see “oversized florals adorning everything from stationery to dresses to headpieces.”

Additionally, lace and 70s styling borrowed from the runways are on the radar screen as well.

Industrial, Elements of Nature and Hanging Décor

The two most anticipated design trends, “Industrial” and “Elements of Nature,” seem like polar opposites but work surprisingly well together.

Urban warehouses and open format venues allow couples complete freedom to personalize their spaces.  Such sites often have their own history, an added appeal according to WedShed’s Amy Parfett. “There’s an authenticity and beautiful vibe to these venues, and it’s heartening for couples to know that they’re contributing to the ongoing history of the space.”

Into these warehouses, however, couples want to bring with them elements of nature and beautiful simplicity. According to Pamella Dunn of Pamella Dunn Events, one way to resolve this contrast is through hanging décor, which “adds scale and drama to any design, making a fabulous impact.”

For example, Dunn observes that “foliage chandeliers are everywhere,” and are part of a trend she sees changing gears, but not going anywhere soon.

Bridal Bar’s Harmony Walton agrees, predicting, “A new spin to hanging décor will start to emerge in addition to further use of the entire event space, from floor to ceiling, putting more emphasis on the walls or negative space in the reception as well.”

En vogue high tech elements like digital mapping and a continued love affair with ambient Edison and Festoon lighting will complement this trend as well.

The Experience

Customizable space creates opportunities to design a complete experience for guests that appeals to all five senses. For example, the “Open Concept” of interior design will be interpreted in weddings as “action exhibition catering stations,” according to David Merrell of AOO Events.

He explains that meals “being finalized and prepared in front of the guests versus behind the scenes,” is interactive and entertaining, something today’s couples seek for their guests.

This bird’s eye view of the most prominent of the year’s wedding trends is a great place for today’s wedding professional to start when anticipating the demands and desires of the to-be-weds of 2017.

What trends are you predicting for 2017?

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