The Bad News About Bridal Business Follow Up

Bride & Groom

Is your follow up driving brides away? When we surveyed our wedding vendor friends and clients in preparation for the Automatic Expert System free video series, I was surprised at one of the popular questions that came in… How often should I follow up without being “pushy?” We all hate getting sold to, so why […]

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The Four Golden Rules of Wedding Business Follow Up

wedding reception

How many times do you follow up your wedding leads? The very sad truth is that most wedding vendors follow up only once…and sometimes not at all!…and even that follow up happens more than 24 hours after the lead rolls in. Want to boost your wedding bookings without adding any extra marketing or advertising expenses? […]

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Crazy Things Brides Say Part 1

Bride complaining about the ballroom

A while back we asked a powerful question on our Book More Brides Facebook page… What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever heard a bride say? We got some amazingly ridiculous, crazy answers!  The real outrageous quotes of brides have inspired a series of loopy images we’ll be sharing over the next couple weeks.  This one […]

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How to Make Sure the Bride Gets Your Email

the reception

Why don’t brides respond to your emails? Well, there’s one reason they might not be answering you that many wedding vendors haven’t considered… They never got your email. Did you know that if you send out emails to five or more recipients, and even one of them has an AOL email address, NONE of those […]

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Pricing for Profit: Are You Charging Too Much or Too Little?

Price charging

I’m a strong supporter of getting paid what you’re worth. Too many wedding vendors work hard, deliver excellent products and services, and get paid only a fraction of what they deserve. How Much Should You Charge? In 2002 we attended the Mobilebeat Convention in Las Vegas and attended Mark Ferrell’s “Getting What You’re Worth” presentation. […]

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How to Use StumbleUpon to Get Free Bride Traffic

  Everyone’s obsessed with the Big Four: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Linked In. But these guys aren’t the only social media kids on the block.  Enter STUMBLEUPON. In case you haven’t tried it out, StumbleUpon is a highly addictive way to randomly discover articles, websites and videos about topics you’re interested in, and share favorites […]

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7 Rules For Defending Yourself Against Negotiators

I came across a rather interesting article called, “How to Negotiate With Your Wedding Vendors.”   Of course, this immediately caught my eye. It’s always a good thing to know what the media is telling brides about negotiating.  This advice wasn’t too hard core (I actually saw one article recommend LYING to vendors to get the […]

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