The 8 Secrets of the Kick Ass Wedding Business

happy bride

I’d like to have a kick ass wedding business. Wouldn’t you? Let’s define “kick ass” for the purposes of this article. A Kick Ass wedding business: Is financially thriving. This means making enough to not only pay the bills, but to have some fun, too. Has regular, sustainable income. No more seasonal wedding “feast or […]

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How To Target Your Advertising Dollars to Attract the Right Couples for Your Wedding Business!

Bride & Groom

– Guest post by Jim Parsons When couples get married, they want something fabulous! Unfortunately, fabulous often costs money. In some cases, a lot of money. This is a common question/statement among the brides our company speaks to on a daily basis. As a business owner, I face a constant challenge of understanding these concerns, but selling a […]

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4 Things Wedding Vendors Are Dying to Know

business partner

What do wedding vendors want? Last month we sent a survey to our wedding vendor friends asking for their opinion about some freshy-fresh training ideas we have in mind. We just HAD to find out what you want the most, so we can give it to you. Well, we read through every one of the […]

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How to Get More Referrals For Free


Question: Should I Offer a Commission in Exchange for Referrals? We are looking to partner with a handful of event planners and venues in our area to be their preferred photo booth vendor. Is it customary to offer them a % commission on their referrals that end up renting a booth from us? If so, […]

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Is This the Death of Direct Mail?

coffee break

Not too long ago, a wedding vendor sent us an email claiming… Direct mail is DEAD. Certainly direct mailings lack the marketing sex appeal of social media darlings like Pinterest and slick mobile-friendly technology. I mean, who uses snail mail anymore? We even nicknamed it after a SLUG, for goodness sake; it’s icky, slimy and […]

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Marketing Lessons from the Movies: Moneyball

fortune cookie

I didn’t want to watch this movie. I’m not a sports fan, and baseball movies just don’t light my fire. So Jeff had to twist my arm to get me to watch Moneyball with him. Here’s a brief plot summary for you: The manager of the Oakland A’s has to build a team with ZERO […]

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