3 Scary Truths About Being Yourself

Wedding MBA Plaque

This message is for any wedding pro who’s afraid to go for what you REALLY want because of what people will think. Earlier this month, Jeff and I presented at the Wedding MBA before over 1,000 wedding professionals. It was by far the largest audience we’ve ever addressed in person. (Jeff’s thoughts just before going […]

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90% of All Wedding Marketing Sucks

Thumbs down

This was the REAL title of Marc MacIntosh’s presentation at the Wedding MBA last week.  He eviscerated the crappy marketing and bad advertising practices that permeate the wedding industry.   Sometimes the truth hurts, but we can all learn from it.   “We all tell the bride about the importance of hiring a professional and […]

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7 Red Hot Wedding Trends For 2014

sean alexandra

“What’s hot in weddings these days?” she asks. I think back over my weddings from the past year, and even though we live less than two hours away from New York City, I know that we’re not on the cutting edge.  Chevron?  Pink and green?  Wait—that was last year! Thankfully, Laura Cave of the Knot […]

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7 Must Have Apps For Wedding Pros

mobile apps

  Confession: I stole the apps on this list from Sonny Ganguly of Wedding Wire.  In his presentation at the Wedding MBA 2013 called, “Planet of the Apps,” he shared 36 of his favorite apps you can use for your wedding business. Honestly, I couldn’t write fast enough to keep up!  Here are the ones […]

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Wedding Pros

time management

Four months ago, I had a nervous breakdown over my laptop. “I can’t do it!” I screamed to Jeff, pounding my fists into my thighs.  “I need help!” There was simply too much to do and I was overwhelmed.  Book More Brides was growing by leaps and bounds…but so were my responsibilities.  I had simply […]

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