How to Market a Wedding Product

Bride with Microphone

Question: I’ve written a wedding speech book. How do I market a product rather than a service? “Hi, I’ve watched several of your videos and I had a question. I received your download a while back for which directories to submit to but I’ve written a wedding speech activity book and I was wondering, do […]

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Why Brides Leave Your Website and How to Fix It

Bride Walking Away

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  But do you realize this also applies to your wedding business website? With engagement season in full swing, it’s important to be prepared for the couples that will be searching for your services online. Take a look at […]

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6 Ways to Engage Fans on Facebook

Facebook Flower

Do you ever feel frustrated getting fans to interact with your Facebook page? Whether you post multiple times a day or just once a week, not getting a response can be enough to make you rethink posting at all. Did you know that Facebook recently announced a change to their algorithm that allows stories that […]

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4 Common Wedding Pro Website Fails

Lemonade Stand

One hot summer day when I was a little girl, I decided to sell lemonade.  I’d seen my friend, Sally, selling out the week before and I wanted to make some money. My little brother and I mixed up a pitcher of Lipton lemonade, then spent hours coloring signs with wobbly letters: “Lemonade 50 cents!” […]

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