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“Couples get bombarded with literally thousands of emails from venues, florists, photographers, etc. after a bridal show.  So they’ve started giving fake email addresses when registering.

How do you follow up with them when they won’t give you a real email address?”

Be Cool, Be Smart and EARN a Response

Pardon me for interrupting your whine, but…

If giving up your email address was the “cost of admission” for getting the best deals at the supermarket, and you knew that you’re going to get bombarded with unwanted emails afterward, what would you do?

Yeah, you’d give a fake email address, too.

Most savvy couples create a designated “wedding” email address (ie. just for wedding-related information.

It’s not actually a “fake” email address in many cases, but it doesn’t get checked as often as their personal email.

You’re paying good money for those bridal show leads, so how can you adapt to this trend?

#1 – Host a giveaway at your bridal show booth and collect your own leads.

If you give away something truly valuable…say an iPad Mini or a romantic dinner for two at a gourmet restaurant…the brides who enter your contest will actually want to win.  And if they want to win, they’ll give you a REAL email address because they actually want to make it easy for you to contact them.

Earn the email by offering them something truly worthwhile.

Warning: don’t go cheap and don’t give away a discount on your services.  Your prize has to have no strings attached and actually be valuable to earn a real email address.

The leads you collect at your booth are going to be much higher quality than the entire list, anyway.

Check out 10 Bridal Show Tips From Wedding Pros Who Know for more smart bridal show strategies.

#2 – Use alternative methods of follow up, like direct mail or text.

Even if you get the bride or groom’s “real” email address, you’ll be competing for attention in their inbox with dozens or hundreds of other wedding professionals.

Why not stand out in their physical mailbox instead?

Email may be free to send, but it doesn’t do you any good if no one sees it.  A postcard with a compelling, limited time offer or a small package sent to the most desirable leads gets opened every time.

Ask for the couple’s mobile phone number when they enter the contest at your bridal show booth.  Promise a valuable free report to everyone who enters, in addition to a chance at the Grand Prize.

98% of text messages get opened.  Just make sure you get permission to text them and observe these guidelines for using text messages to get wedding leads.

#3 – If you do email, make your message bold and different.

Most of the emails a bride or groom receives after the show are BORING.  Congratulations on your engagement! It was so nice to meet you, blah, blah, blah.

Stand out and get noticed in that email inbox by being completely different.  Whatever you do, don’t be safe and vanilla.

Do this with:

  • An attention-getting email subject – Using the couple’s names and wedding date is a simple option.  Or arouse curiosity with the bizarre or emotional: “Weirdest wedding gown EVER makes TV,” “5 Regrets Brides Have After the Wedding”
  • Use humor – Make it your goal to get the bride or groom to SMILE.  It’s the best way to earn a response.
  • Make a time-sensitive offer worth responding to – Include a discount coupon or special offer with an expiration date.  If it’s going away soon, that inspires fast action.

Read 3 Killer Email Subjects That Make Brides Open Your Email and 7 Tricks to Keep Your Email Out of the Spam Filter for more.

Don’t think you have to reach every couple on that bridal show lead list to get your money’s worth.  Fewer high quality leads who actually book are better than hundreds  who only waste your time because they aren’t a good match.

How do you follow up after a bridal show?  Leave a comment (yes, you can whine!) and tell us how you deal with “fake” emails.

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