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You might not know it, but your website could be making you criminal to brides and grooms.  It’s not a legal crime, but it’s a crying shame because it means you’re losing business and you don’t even know it.

The crime: Autoplaying music on your website.

Don’t do it!  Please, please, please.

Here’s why:

89% of brides admit that they plan their weddings at work.  Guess what happens when she lands on your website and it blasts music at the office?

She leaves your site immediately to stop the music that’s giving her away.  And she’ll probably never be back.

When she gets in trouble for planning her wedding when she’s supposed to be working, she’s going to blame YOU.

You just lost a precious lead, my friend.

Watch this video that explains it all:

If you don’t believe that your autoplay music makes brides and grooms hate you, read the comments underneath this blog post and weep.

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The evidence:  Your Google Analytics

Of course, you don’t have to believe the comments from dozens of irate brides.  After all, your couples might like being forced to listen to loud music when they’re supposed to be working.

If that’s not enough proof, turn to your Google Analytics.  In particular, a little statistic called your bounce rate.

Bounce rate is the number of people who visit ONE page of your website and leave without going anywhere else.

A bride or groom will “bounce” from your website when blasted with autoplaying music, which means your bounce rate will be high.

Here’s how to check your bounce rate in Google Analytics:

  1. Go to your Reporting Tab.
  2. Select “Audience” and “Overview.”


Check your bounce rate now, then turn off your autoplaying music for a few weeks.  You’ll see your bounce rate go DOWN.

Then you can slap yourself upside the head for not turning off that autoplay sooner.

The fix:  Don’t autoplay your music!

I know that emotional music makes your heart go all pitter patter, and it enhances your images and slideshows.  But don’t force couples to listen to music.

Instead, provide an option for them to turn it on.  If they want.

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Your couples will thank you and so will your bank account.

What do you think about autoplaying music?

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