When I’m really busy (which is pretty much always) there’s only one thing that saves me. It takes only five minutes, and it keeps me focused, productive and sane.

No, it’s not a pill or a funky meditation practice (although that certainly helps).

5 Minutes a Day

It’s the 5 Minute Miracle Filter.

Success isn’t built on the big stuff we see on the outside, like the moments of public recognition or six figure deposits in the bank.

Success is built on the small habits and actions we take very day.

The things that make a difference are small and simple, easily overlooked actions that yield big results. Like this strategy I’m about to share.

Put Your Day Through the 5 Minute Miracle Filter

Step 1 – Identify your high leverage activities.

The high leverage activities in your business are the money making ones. These are usually non-urgent but highly important activities focused around marketing and sales.

They include tasks like:

  • Strategic blogging
  • Following up with potential clients
  • Asking for referrals
  • Sending a limited time offer email
  • Meeting with couples

You need to know your high leverage activities so that you can focus your energies where they will give you the most results. This is something you’ll do once, and then refer to regularly from then on.

ACTION: Make a list of your high leverage business activities, print it out and keep it where you can see it every day.

Step 2 – At the end of each work day, plan the activities of the next day.

Creating your action plan for the next day lets you hit the ground running as soon as your day begins. An added bonus: thinking about tomorrow’s tasks puts your brain to work presolving them while you sleep, making them easier to complete.

Not all those tasks on your list are equally important or powerful. In fact, the most “urgent” tasks screaming for your attention are usually not high leverage. And the truly rewarding high leverage tasks are usually non-urgent. I mean, no one’s going to come beating down your door if you don’t publish your weekly blog post.

Schedule your high leverage tasks first to make sure you do them.

ACTION: Make a list of the tasks you want to complete tomorrow. Which of them are in the high leverage category? Pick one high leverage activity and set aside your first working hour to do it.

Step 3 – Take five minutes to review your action list before starting work each day.

Look at the list you made last night with fresh eyes. Which of these tasks can you eliminate? Which are the high leverage ones?

My favorite trick is to make my list of things to do that day. Then I eliminate half of them.

I always think I can squeeze more into my day than is humanly possible. By forcing myself to eliminate half of my tasks, I get to feel good because I actually completing them.

Finalize the plan for your day, setting aside designated time to focus on each of your tasks.

ACTION: Look at the tasks on your list and force yourself to cut it in half. Start with your high leverage task first and focus on it solely for your first hour of work.

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