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The amount of business resources out there is overwhelming, but actually finding them is a whole different ball game. Even if your wedding business has been around a long time, you may have never heard of some of the best resources out there.

You may have heard of American FactFinder in connection to the American Census, but did you know it also allows access to smaller surveys that have been done? This can allow you to find in depth demographic and business stats that may be impossible to find elsewhere.

One of my new favorites is You may have an IT that you can call for your business, but there are times when something goes drastically wrong, and you don’t have the time to wait to hear back. This resource allows you to type in a description of the issue and you can usually find a solution. What is one of the best parts of this site? It is written in consumer friendly terms. Make sure to read Rieva Lesonsky’s article where she lists a total of 10 little know business resources!

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