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Jeff and I have dedicated ourselves to answering the pressing questions of wedding professionals.

If we don’t have the answers, we’ll find ’em!

The response has been PHENOMENAL.  I’ve got literally hundreds of emails filled with questions and challenges.  Our heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone who has shared with us.

But there is a Dark Side…

There are so many emails coming in that I simply can’t keep up with them anymore.  As much as I want to answer each one personally, it’s just not possible.

An Alternative Solution

Post your biggest wedding business questions HERE on the blog!  I’ll check in and answer them as often as I can.  I’m also working on a series of blog posts that answers the most frequently asked questions of wedding vendors.  I call it, “Wedding Pro FAQs.”  (Novel idea, eh?)

In the meantime, other members of the wedding professional community can pitch in and share their knowledge.  Then we can all learn from each other.

What do you say?

Let’s Get Started!

  • Leave your biggest wedding business challenge, frustration or question in a comment below.
  • If you read a blog post and have a question about it, just leave a comment below.
  • If you see a question in the comments and you have an answer or suggestion, share the knowledge!

What’s your biggest challenge, frustration or question right now?

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