Google vs FB

We have all heard the reports on the news about people and companies whose reputation has been ruined by Facebook or Google. Thankfully Facebook has instituted systems that allow people to quickly gain control of their security and image by simply changing settings and un-tagging themselves from pictures. However, for a majority of people the issue still continues as they don’t use those features.

Google on the other hand is still having trouble with the concept. They are a search engine so giving the people the ability to remove the information from search results is next to impossible. Often the best way to get rid of the bad search results means flooding the internet with other news worthy information about you or your wedding business.

While every company wants control of the information that others will read about them it takes time and effort to improve things. Kashmir Hill writes that there are companies like and which sell search engine optimization of positive content to help improve search results on Google. If you want to read more about internet privacy and how it impacts your reputation make sure to read Kashmir’s article.

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