Stop hiding your best stuff from your couples!

99% of wedding pros are sitting on “hidden gold” in their businesses. I’m talking about the good stuff that will:

  • Makes your wedding business stand out from the competition.
  • Positions you as completely unique…even if you technically aren’t.
  • Creates a category of one for your business so that you beat the competition FOREVER.

If it’s so good, Stephanie, why aren’t they showing it off?

Good question, Weedhopper!

It boils down to one thing:


Watch this:

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The Lies We Tell

Let’s see if I can channel my inner Seth Godin a la Purple Cow here.

LIE #1: Being different is risky.

TRUTH: Being different is the only way to stand out from the competition. Being the same is risky.

LIE #2: Appealing to a broader market means I can make more money

TRUTH: The more broadly you market, the more vanilla and boring your message becomes. In other words, you make less money and you have to fight to explain your value.

LIE #3: I’ll tick off my couples if I let them know what I really think.

TRUTH: Okay, this one’s partly true. You will tick off some people by showing your true colors and being your opinionated self. However, the ones left are going to love the bejesus out of you.

You know that place you’re afraid to go in your wedding business?

That’s it. Go there.

Let people see who you really are.

Unless you’d rather follow the competition in a race to the bottom.

What do you think?