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The larger your wedding business grows the more important it is that you have a quick system to sort, read and file your emails. After all, who wants to sort through 500 or more emails a day when a huge chunk of them are email notifications from social networks, and bulk mailings? You need to be able to quickly see and deal with the emails that are coming in from clients, and worry about the rest of it during slow times.

Email servers are aware of this issue and have been working at finding ways to smooth out the process automatically. Gmail launched its Priority mailbox last fall, but it has kept working on finding more solutions and just released the Smart Label option. What makes this tool invaluable is the fact that it automatically sorts your emails and sends them to folders. According to Jason Kincaid in his article on the subject, Gmail is reporting a 15% decrease in the time that users are spending in their email inboxes. That is one good chunk of time to be saving every day!

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