You’re about the learn the secret that made us a Six Figure Wedding Business…for FREE.

When one of our closest friends in the wedding business (who also happens to be a major competitor, but we won’t mention your name, bro) read my Price Shopper to Profit report, he all but told us we were flat out crazy to give this stuff away.

Top secret

Here are his exact words:

“What you’re doing with Book More Brides is invaluable.  Frankly, I think that with that email template, you’re giving away the store!  Anyone having trouble connecting with their customer set needs to take a good hard look at that template and customize it to their needs.

…You put it all together in 1 helpful package and called it Book More Brides.  Now you’ve made it frighteningly easy for vendors to work your system to find their customers!”

So why are we doing this?

Well, maybe we are a little crazy.  I’m psychotically optimistic in my belief that there is enough wedding business for everyone.  The smart ones like us, anyway.

But the real reason is because I’m tired of watching wedding professionals struggle through the recession needlessly.  I’m fed up of seeing my friends treated like a commodity by tire kickers and left helpless to explain the obvious value of their services.  And I remember how that felt.


You don’t have to be frustrated with price shopping brides and spend thousands on advertising to stand out from your competition. 

Positioning yourself as a valuable expert is easy…when you know what to do.  That’s why this Price Shopper to Profit Email is so powerful.

When you include even ONE of the 6 Critical Persuasion elements in this email, your response rate increases.  When you use all of them, you’ll book 20-35% more weddingsautomatically.

Just watch this 5 minute video below to see how easy it is to use one of the Persuasion techniques.  I walk you through the process with my response to a real “price shopper” email.

My Price Shopper to Profit Email explains the 6 Critical Persuasion elements in detail.  You can download it immediately by entering your name and email in the form at the top of this page.

Here’s just SOME of what you’ll learn in this special report…

  • The 6 Critical Elements of the Price Shopper to Profit email that instantly convince brides of your value so they’re primed and ready to book.
  • The simple thing you probably already have on your computer…that you can add to your email response immediately…that kicks in the “Likeability Principle” of influence so that brides feel automatically drawn to you.
  • Why trying to “convince” a bride about the value of your services is marketing suicide and how to educate her with this simple link that positions you as the trusted expert she wants to book.
  • 5 easy actions you can take right now that make brides feel a powerful pressure to book you.  These literally give you an “unfair advantage” over your competition!
  • And much more…

Now, Jeff keeps telling me that people LOVE video.  He insists that “regular guys” like him won’t read a PDF like my special report.

So I’m thinking about doing more of these short videos.  What do YOU think?  Leave me a comment.  Thanks!

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