When you are using social media for marketing you will be using the status update, Tweet, etc. to promote your business and get the information on deals, new items, etc. out to your audience. The truth to posting updates on a social network is that if you don’t post at the right time people just plain won’t see what you said. A few might take a look back through their feed, but those people are few and far between.

Finding that premier time where the most people are online and will see your post as soon as you release it comes down to understanding the statistics involved according to Dave Larson’s in-depth and helpful article regarding Twitter. Just like a newsletter there are good days and bad days, as well as good times of the month, and good times of days. For instance, people will be checking their page over their lunch break, but there will be even more checking it after work and after supper. Make sure to check out Dave’s full article for more information on finding that perfect time to tweet. What do you think?

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