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I could tell you a lot about SEO, the basics, the in-depth information. The truth about getting found online however isn’t summed up by SEO. You have to know the thought behind it to really get that great online boost that gets your business found by brides. So what is the secret? It’s a mindset. Instead of marketing your wedding business for the sake of marketing and sales you need to make sure that everything you do is going through the filter of asking yourself “What can I do to help brides?” This perspective changes your marketing from being about you, to being about the bride. It helps you get inside her head and give her what she really needs.

This plays into getting found online by your posting information that helps a bride whether or not it is actual marketing for your business. Think about it. Some of the best wedding businesses will do articles about working with other businesses, articles which answer bride’s questions. They will do articles on other wedding websites, have conversations by commenting on related articles, and most importantly, they are honest. All these things play into the way that Google has set up their SEO and will help focus your marketing towards the right things that actually get you found online. For more information on building an online reputation that gets you found online make sure to check out Jen Williams great article. What do you think?

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