Asking for a testimonal
Guest post by Katie Smyth.

So you’ve got happy brides and satisfied grooms and you want to tell the world. You want your potential clients to know just how much your previous clients loved you. You’re looking to add ‘social proof’ of your wedding planning expertise to your website.

What you need are client testimonials.

Testimonials, client praise or reviews, whatever you want to call it, is vital to building trust with potential customers and to building a strong and well loved brand.

Praise allows your potential customers to view your previous work, hear how much your clients LOVED working with you and get an idea of your style, your ideal customers and your level of expertise.

A testimonial provides evidence of how fantastic your business is and builds a sense of comfort and trust with your potential clients – without you even meeting them!

Best of all, testimonials are totally FREE.

Asking for a testimonial

Don’t be shy! If your clients were delighted with the work you did for them they will be more than willing to let everyone know.

Choose clients you had a great rapport with, who might have already been raving to their friends about you. You can either send them an email or just give them a call asking for a short and sweet testimonial.

I generally go with an email as you can include some friendly guidelines for what to include in the testimonial.

Here is a done-for-you email script (note: the structure is universal, but you can play with the wording to make it sound like you instead of me!):

Hey there Sarah!

Man, did I have a great time working with you and Ben on your love-fest! You guys were my ideal clients – fun, free and quirky – and I’d love to work with more people just like the two of you. So, I would be stoked if you would write me a short testimonial describing our working experience. Nothing too formal, it’s in your words after all!

Some things you could include are your favourite thing about working with me, any concerns you may have had before working with me and how I overcame them, plus anything else you’d like to add.
If you would rather not send one through, don’t you worry about it!
If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

Thanks again for choosing me to be your event planner – it was an absolute blast working with you!


Tips for publishing your testimonials:

  • Keep them short and to the point – people don’t have the time to read a novel.
  • Don’t edit your testimonials if possible. Obviously fixing up grammar and spelling is okay, but remember that these are your client’s own words not yours.
  • If you have had to make a major change to a testimonial (or if in doubt about a word, spelling etc), just get back in touch with your client and check.
  • Add imagery. A small profile photo is great and if you have their wedding photos available on your site link to them.

How do you get testimonials for your wedding business?


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Katie is a communications consultant with a flair for wrangling words, brainstorming branding strategy and manhandling marketing collateral (she likes alliteration too). She has been studying and working in communications for over seven years and has been known to speak about good communication to rooms full of eager ears. Katie works with her clients to discover simple and direct messaging which speaks to customers and ultimately brings in more sales. You can find her online at