It’s the #1 question of wedding vendors.

We’re really good at what we do, but probably not quite so good at the marketing and selling part.

Are you sick of dealing with “price shoppers”?

Tired of calling and emailing brides to get NO RESPONSE?

Frustrated with all the time you spend following up on leads with little or no results?

It is frustrating. Infuriating, really. The good news…

It doesn’t have to be this way!

You can attract more bridal leads, capture them and follow up with them automatically using a simple system designed just for the wedding industry that requires nothing more than a website, email and a little bit of know how.

Think about this for a moment…

How many WEBSITE VISITORS do you get each day?

How many LEADS do you get each day?

What happened to the rest of those website visitors? Where did they go?

Those visitors are potential leads you never even get a chance to follow up with. Most brides land on your website, leave and never come back. If you’re not capturing those leads you are losing money for your bridal business.

How to Get More Leads from the #1 Lead Source Vendors Are Missing Out On

There is a simple system for turning those website visitors into real leads you can follow up with and eventually book. You set it up once and then forget about it because it works on autopilot.

It works like this…

Step 1 – A bride or groom visits your website.

Step 2 – She sees your irresistible “Bride Bribe” report and enters in her name and email to get it. When she does this, her name and contact information are automatically added to your contact database. You don’t have to do a thing.

Step 3 – She reads the report and gets a series of follow up emails sent to her automatically. That report and the follow up emails she gets over the next few weeks start building a relationship, proving your expert status and earning her trust without you having to lift a finger!

Step 4When the bride is ready to book…usually some time after the 5th contact…she responds to the call to action in one of your emails. If you build in some clever incentives to act, it can happen even faster.

Step 5 – You book her or meet with her. You don’t have to chase her down because she’ll be reaching out to you.

Step 6 – After you meet with her, if she doesn’t book right away, the system sends you reminders to follow up automatically. You don’t have to worry about remembering or check multiple calendars.

If you’d like to learn more about how to easily get a bride to happily give you permission to follow up with her, position yourself as the expert she wants to hire and convince brides of your value 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this free video series is just for you!

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn in this free video series…

    • The secret that let us double our bookings, increase our price by
      228% and do it in half the time!
    • How to use the psychology of what brides REALLY want so that
      you become the trusted expert she simply must book…before you
      even meet her!
    • How you can easily get a bride to happily give you permission to
      follow up with her until she’s ready to book…even if you don’t have
      a website!
    • The 10 Mistakes Wedding Vendors Make that drive brides away,
      waste time and lead to lost money for your wedding business.
    • You’ll be surprised to learn 3 crazy strategies that work to book
      more weddings…that most vendors aren’t using because it seems
      like exactly what you SHOULDN’T do…that make booking weddings
      at higher prices even easier.
    • The best time to respond to a lead that increases your chances of
      booking them by 21x!
    • The phrase most wedding vendors use in their emails that makes a
      bride stop reading immediately.
  • And lots more…

Just Enter Your Name and Email Below for FREE Instant Access!


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4 thoughts on ““How Do I Get More Leads for My Wedding Business?””

  1. Anonymous says:

    I did everything exactly the way it was supposed to be done, I did not change anything other than what was specific to my business. I do have analytics on my website and know exactly how many people looked at the offer and clicked the link. I did this when you came out with this setup offer a few months back, so its been awhile. I guess I’ll just have to find what works for me, but unfortunately this one didn’t. I hope it works for everyone else! Good luck out there!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry, but this just doesn’t work. I’ve tried it, had a few brides respond to the “free report” and receive the follow-up emails. I noticed they either didn’t even open the follow-up emails or they did and just never responded or contacted me. I tried to follow-up with them personally (personal email, not an auto responder) and ask them questions and just try different ways to get them to respond and contact me back and still nothing. So this “proven method” just doesn’t work…

    1. [quote name=”Leslie”]I’m sorry, but this just doesn’t work. I’ve tried it, had a few brides respond to the “free report” and receive the follow-up emails. I noticed they either didn’t even open the follow-up emails or they did and just never responded or contacted me…So this “proven method” just doesn’t work…[/quote]

      Hi, Leslie. Thanks for commenting.

      This definitely does work. Just because it didn’t work [i]for you[/i] does not mean that it doesn’t work.

      I’ve read emails from people who place a single ad on a website and then say, “Ads don’t work.” Usually they are ill conceived and ineffective ads.

      In a similar way, this system works, but only when all the elements are executed and customized correctly. Obviously there was a breakdown or disconnect somewhere in your application.

      We’ve profited from this system over the years and so have others we’ve shared it with. However, like anything else if you don’t do it correctly, it won’t work. If you try and don’t make adjustments, it will fail.

      There are a lot of variables involved: your website, type of traffic to your website, contents of your free report and emails, your local market, your target bride.

      Do you have analytics on your website? Do you know how many people looked at your offer?

      It takes a month or two to judge the results. A few brides simply isn’t enough.

      If we can help you, let us know. Thanks,


    2. Anonymous says:

      Leslie, it’s not like some magic pill – it’s more like one cog in a wheel. All its parts need to be right.

      Consider email, as well as all social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., is about fun and relationships with people – but not sales. No one goes to Facebook to be “sold.” No one wants to read pitches emailed to them.

      So if you come across “salesy” – it turns brides off. If you come across as “corporate speak” – it turns brides off. If you come across as “I oriented” and not “you [the bride] oriented”, it turns brides off.

      Looking over your site I think maybe you’re coming across as “I oriented.” This trips up a lot of merchants. While you’re thinking you’re writing in terms of what brides want, the phrasing is all about what the business does. I advice my marketing clients to “scrub clean” their material of all this. Start by turning the phrasing around. I’m not saying this to pick on you, but to help with some direction, ok? I see a lot of “Our wedding planning services…”, “Our semi-inclusive packages…”, “We also offer…” and “we will be offering” – which could just as easily be “You can have…”, “You can do…”, “Your wedding can…”, “You can choose…”

      Can’t say if this is one of the issues that impacted your email program but perhaps it’s a good first step. Hope that helps.

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