Bride posing

I’ve seen some absolutely amazing wedding business websites and store fronts in the last few years. You know the ones. They are so well designed that you feel like the owner probably put in cashmere shag carpet in the backroom while they were at it. Your business doesn’t have to look like this, especially not right off the bat.

Jay Steinfeld makes a good point in his article where he states “Right beats easy, but done beats perfect.” When you set up your business you want things done right, but getting something done and getting to a point of booking brides is much better than creating the perfect website or business card. Do things well, but get it done. Nothing destroys small businesses faster than the owner putting off launching a marketing plan just because the picture layout could be a tiny bit better. Don’t obsess over perfect. Get it done and start booking brides! What do you think? Is there something that you need to just get finished, even if it might not be perfect quite yet?

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