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Guest post by Melissa Lande

We’ve all been there. Every winter we vendors anxiously watch our computer screen, awaiting any sign that a bride wants to hire you for your wedding services.

And when that glorifying lead comes in, most brides ask for your prices and then disappear into the vast darkness. Sound familiar?

These five strategies are designed to build your content marketing solutions for the top communication platforms on the internet. By the time brides are ready to contact you, they trust you explicitly to be the leading expert in your industry. BOOM here comes your happy dance – hello wedding leads!

#1 – Take Your Website From Bland to Buck!

Most of us aren’t salesman. When someone asks why they should book us for their wedding, our answer typically revolves around us!

But what about the bride? Do you think she wants to hear how you view yourself? NO!

The bride wants to know what you can do for her, and everything that you are going to do to make her wedding absolutely perfect.

Ask yourself:

  • Is my website engaging?
  • Does it inspire clients and give them a visual of what their wedding could be like with you as their vendor?
  • Does it make them excited to hire me?
  • Do I tell their story in a personal way?

Rewrite your website copy to revert the subject back to the bride and away from yourself. Be personal. Don’t refer to them as customers or clients. Use “you” as much as possible!

#2 – Fix Their Problems

We are the wedding experts and as such, brides expect us to know our industry. But most couples don’t know the amount of work, attention, or time that goes into planning a wedding.

This is where your expertise comes into play! Relax and coach them, make sure they know that you are 100% committed to helping them in whatever problem they might be have. Do it graciously and they will LOVE you.

Action plan:
Brainstorm every conceivable problem a bride might have and address them in your website using  SEO-rich verbiage.

Dedicate a whole new menu section in your website just for tips and tricks for the bride. This will deliver value to your product/service beyond the scope of what you are selling.

#3 – Blog with SEO-Rich Posts

Blogs are one of the top and most trusted content marketing systems available to us. It is one of the best ways to attract positive search engine results, and to lead brides to our website.

If you consistently write high quality, user-friendly blog posts with keyword-filled advice for brides, you will not only attract more brides to your website, you create a sense of security and trust before they even contact you.

Position yourself as THE expert in your field, by highlighting:

  • Trends
  • Stories
  • Testimonials
  • Advice
  • DIY tips
  • How-to’s

Blog 3-5 times a week at least, and watch as brides contact you left and right!

#4 – Be Consistent!

Newsletters are another powerful tool to impact your potential clients. Recycle your blog information in a new, innovative way to push the boundaries of your topic.  Pick a controversial or “eyebrow raising” topic and find five ways to write about it.

Consistently writing, and therefore involving yourself in upcoming trends, demonstrates your ability to care for the bride and answer all the wants/questions she might have.

Link these newsletters to your blog posts and social media outlets, and you’ve created a very powerful circle of trust for potential customers.

#5 – Share Your Love With Other Vendors

It is easy to get wrapped up in everything that you do and forget about the other vendors in your area. But networking isn’t just for sending leads. It also demonstrates a level of professionalism and trust for your mutual clients.

Compliment other vendors publicly on Facebook, or tweet about the great wedding you just did with them.

This way brides see how connected you are in your industry, and how you all work successfully together. This is a HUGE plus, as most brides can be very anxious about the vendors that they pick.

Bottom Line: Design your business platform, and therefore your content marketing, around the needs of the client.

Be the leading expert in not only your field, but beyond your services as well to develop high-quality and well- rounded SEO content. Your clients are your top priority, and if they can feel the love you have for them, they will trust you more than your competitors, and be more inclined to purchase your services.

How do you get brides to trust you?


Melissa Lande is a wedding photographer for her company Lux Light Photography in Traverse City Michigan. You can usually find her wading halfway into Lake Michigan, in search of that perfect sunset shot for her brides on the beach!