By Adrienne Woolsey

As far as Monday’s go, I haven’t had one as awesome as Monday, August 24th, 2015- sunny blue skies, sandy toes, the sweet smell of salt water and the new promise of getting to spend the rest of my life with my boyfriend after a surprise proposal on the beach!

But before there was time for the details of the proposal to even sink in, a mere 48 hours-tops, my now fiance and I started hearing the all too familiar “So, do you have a date yet?”
Fast forward another 24 hours and I found myself out on the balcony of our beach house, nose buried in a notebook stressing over guest lists and Googling local vendors.

It’s all too easy to get immediately caught up in wedding planning hype. I should have been watching the sunrise over a cup of coffee with my fiance, but instead I spent portions of my vacation wondering why I hadn’t started planning our wedding 3 years ago!

Wedding professionals and vendors out there, I can say from current experience, that even though my fiance and I have started planning preliminary wedding details, there is really only one thing we want to do: Enjoy our engagement!

Encouraging your couples to spend time embracing their new phase of life and to enjoy the excitement of engagement can benefit you as a vendor as well- you’re less likely to have to deal with a Bridezilla if they are stressing less and enjoying life more!

So how do you help your clients to enjoy their engagement?

Take the stress off of them (and off of yourself!) by creating a trust based relationship with you clients.
If a couple trusts you as their vendor, respects your expertise and knows that you are committed to making their ‘vision’ come to life, they may be more willing to stand back and hand over the planning reins, allowing you to do your job without micromanagement.

Build a trusting relationship with your clients with these tips…

  • Content Marketing is key– Content marketing via blogs, social media and other outlets is actually the building block to relationship creation. Sharing real experience content builds trust in a company for potential clients and starts an emotional tie to your brand. Content marketing also allows for a sense of community which is much more personal than just being another order number.
  • Sales is like dating: You wouldn’t marry someone on the first date (or most wouldn’t) and just the same, you wouldn’t hire a vendor after first contact. Planning takes time and research. A potential client will want to know more about you and your services before booking with you. Helpful and educational responses are the start of building a relationship on trust, as opposed to blatant sales pitches.

In my own research, I am finding that trust is a huge deciding factor on whether or not I will hire a vendor.
Finding a vendor whom I trust, knows who my fiance and I are as people and will work with us to make our big day special is big…Jackpot.
Finding the vendor who provides all that so we can enjoy our time being engaged… Priceless!!

Have any other tips on how to create a trusting relationship with you couples? Share below!