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How many times do you follow up with a lead before you quit?

  • 2 or 3 times?
  • Never more than 5! 
  • “Till death do us part”? 

Most wedding professionals don’t follow up enough to get booked couples. They only follow up 3 or 4 times within the first or second week of a couple reaching out. Then they give up! They assume the lovely potential couple doesn’t want to talk to them. So, they play it safe and focus on the couples who respond immediately. The ones ready to book and pay their deposit. That’s great! But that’s only 3% of your market. 

Using that method, 97% of your target market is slipping through the cracks.

Even worse. They are booking with someone else.  

The fortune is in the follow-up. 

We want to challenge the way you think about your current follow-up approach. Maybe the way you are following up is not the best way for your wedding business. Maybe there is something you can change. Not only with how many times you follow up, but also with how you are following up to get booked couples.

“There is a sweet spot between constantly bugging your potential couples, 

and missing out on sales because you didn’t follow up with your couples enough.

 And we want to help you find it.”

Here is how you get a potential couple to go from not returning your messages to saying 

“I have my deposit ready, let’s go!”…

Follow up until you hear a solid NO.

Have you ever been in a situation where a potential couple reaches out to you through an inquiry form on your website, but when you reply back to them …. crickets

Unfortunately, we’ve all experienced this before. Sometimes on a regular basis.

In these situations it’s important to be patient and remember that these couples reached out to you first. They want what you have to offer. If they are not responding now, it doesn’t mean they will never make a decision. It just means they are not ready to make a decision right now.

So unless they tell you: 

  • No, thank you.
  • I’ve gone with someone else.
  • We got married recently and no longer need your services. 
  • Or they hit ‘Unsubscribe.’ 

Keep going.

Be professionally persistent.  

There are many reasons why your potential couples have not responded to you yet

You may be the 35th email they need to reply to on a busy day, and they run out of time. 

Or perhaps, they just feel awkward or shy. 

Maybe they found you while cruising the Internet late at night, but they are not getting married for a few years. 

This is why follow-ups are crucial. They allow you to lead the conversation. The busy, distracted, overwhelmed couples need you to check in and remind them:

  1. You still care about helping them.
  2. You are an expert in your craft and will make their wedding day even better than they imagined.

Automate follow ups. 

Some wedding couples aren’t getting married till 2023. 

They may have found your website, but they are not ready to commit yet and lock down any wedding professionals. So, staying in their inbox is going to help you remind them: I’m still here for you.

We recommend putting an automated lead booking process in place that allows you to frequently follow up with the remainder of the couples who are interested in you, but are just not ready to put down a deposit right now. So that when they are ready, they can reply with “Alright, I have my deposit ready, let’s go!”

Now, even if you have a strong follow-up sequence, does that mean you are going to get 100% replies from every lead?


There are always going to be outliers, who for whatever reason will never respond to your messages. 

Our actionable steps for success. 

Here are the actionable steps we teach our Book More Brides Tribe that have created results:

  • Follow up hot in the beginning.

Then space out your follow-ups to around 30 days in between, then more. Finding this sweet spot will vary depending on your wedding service. 

  • Explore other ways to stay in touch. 

You should utilize multiple platforms to follow up with your leads. Incorporate the platforms that suit your business and your potential booked couples such as direct messages or texts, instead of email. 

  • To help with the conversion rate try ending your email with an open ended question.

Choose one question that is relevant and helps build up a conversation. Have fun with it! For example: What is the one song that you absolutely must have played at your wedding? The music loving couples who first reached out to you 6 months ago won’t be able to resist responding!

  • Use the power of language to connect with the right couple.

Make sure the language you use on your website, and in your follow-up emails are always connecting with your perfect couple. 

If you don’t follow up, you’re not going to make that sale. 

We teach the fortune is in the follow-up. 

If you don’t follow up, you won’t ever break away from working with the “ready to go” 3% and widen your market to the majority of couples. The ones who don’t want to be forgotten, but just aren’t ready to book straight away. 

So, challenge those voices in your head that tell you following up with potential couples is annoying potential couples. What can you do authentically, for yourself and your business, to add in some follow-up strategies? What can you change about your current follow-up sequence? 

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