When was the last time you Googled yourself?

It’s probably been a while. So…

Go ahead and do it now. Open up Google, type in your name and hit search.

I’ll wait.

(If you have a maiden name or nom de plume, you’ll want to search for that, too.)

What do you notice at the top of the page?

You’ll probably see:

  • Your website – if your full name is on one of its pages. Hint: it should be.
  • Your personal Facebook profile.
  • Your LinkedIn profile.

Followed by various other websites of prominence where your name has been featured, such as YouTube videos, blogs, interviews, articles, etc.

Your name is an overlooked opportunity for leads.

“How so?” you may ask.


Let’s say a soon-to-be-wed is referred to you by a very good friend. She can’t remember your business (darn it!) but she does remember your name.

The soon-to-be-wed types your name into Google, possibly followed by the word “wedding” or your category of service.

Does this hypothetical soon-to-be-wed find a way to contact you?

No? What??!!

Let’s fix that asap, shall we?

Step #1 – Add your full name, in all past variations, to your website, along with the category of your service.

Place it on your About page at the very least so that you can be found.

Stick it in your page title, metadata and description of appropriate pages for bonus points. (If you know that that means, you’re a smartie pants! If not, the Google is your best friend today.)

Step #2 – Set up a personal Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter account using your full name.

Sure, I realize this is a bit of work, but do you want to get found easily – for free – or not?

Step #3 – Modify each profile page so that your website is easily visible.

Include your full name AND your website in the description or link for each of these profiles. Facebook lets you link to your business page (yep, set that up, too, if you haven’t already.) LinkedIn includes the name of your website and link. Continue through the list.

Each site is a bit different, so you may have to do a bit of research to figure out where to put your info. (Again, turn to friend Google!) Make it happen.

BONUS – Consider what you can add to each profile that would entice that soon-to-be-wed to click, call or message you and add it. Hint: a good reason to do so and call to action will help.

Now what have you got?

You’ve got a trail of breadcrumbs on the search engines that leads right to your contact information, even if all they have is your name.

No matter where they land, they can find you.


You may never know how many easy leads you’ve been missing.

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