Free Wedding Leads Facebook

“This might just be the last real free source of leads!” says Bob Graham. “I probably shouldn’t be sharing this.”

Bob is the savvy owner of Airwaves Music, one of the largest DJ companies in Canada, and founder of the new software company Event Temple.

So maybe I twisted his arm a little to get him to let me share this. 🙂

This is the strategy he used to generate over $30,000 in leads — for free.

When all the Facebook experts are telling you the free ride with Facebook for business is over, this may just be the last remaining loophole.

Step #1 – Join wedding planning Facebook groups in your local area.

Pretty much every local area has a Facebook group where brides-to-be meet to buy and sell wedding-related items, share advice and kvetch about the planning process. That’s where you want to be.

You’re looking for active groups with regular posts.

However, you DON’T want to go in there and start advertising your services. That’s how you get booted out fast.

Make sure you read the group guidelines and simply start sharing helpful advice so the group gets to know you.

Step #2 – Keep your eyes peeled for posts asking for recommendations.

Sooner or later, you’ll see someone post, “I’m getting married on May 14th and I’m looking for a good DJ/florist/videographer/officiant, etc. Got any recommendations?”

That’s your cue to get in action.

Step #3 – Respond to the post offering your help.

Keep your response short, sweet and honest. Something like this:

“Hey, I’m the owner of Acme Weddings and we’d love to help you out. Our website is here and you can email me at Mention that you talked to me in this post and I’ll make sure you get a really good deal. Good luck with the wedding!”

Bob’s “Secret Sauce” Response:

  • Be personal and friendly, not salesy.
  • Full disclosure. Make sure they know you’re a company representative. Don’t try to be sneaky about it.
  • Include both your website and email address.
  • Invite them to mention the post to get a deal or discount.
  • Be sure to “like” the bride/groom’s post because it makes a favorable impression.
  • PM them with a quick note: “Hey, I saw your post about hiring a DJ. Let me know if you’re interested.”

The key is to be super laid back and cool in your approach.

The Results

Bob’s using this strategy as a legitimate lead source that generates 6-10 leads per month in each city where his company is located. Figuring he converts 50% of these leads to sales — that’s an additional $30,000 in yearly revenue!

Reaching out in Facebook groups has lead to bookings for Bob that happen entirely on Facebook chat only.

This works because couples always prefer taking word of mouth recommendations. All you need to do is be in the right place at the right time, with the right friendly response, and you can generate some quality leads.

What do you think about getting leads from Facebook?