How Do I Deal With Price Shoppers?


How much do you cost?  Can you send me your pricing and package information? PRICE is often the first question they ask…even before they know if we’re even available for their date! Getting Past the Price Question Things feel like it did after the Great Recession hit, the price question started popping up more than […]

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8 Killer SEO Strategies For Your Wedding Business

Bride with a chainsaw

If you want to book more weddings, you need to get FOUND by the couples who are searching for what you do. SEO (search engine optimization) is the art of making sure your website gets found naturally in the search engines, no paid advertising required.  In other words, that’s free website traffic. Unfortunately, getting “free” […]

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How to Get Leads For Your Wedding Business For $100 or Less

stephanie and jeff padovani of Book More Brides

One of trickiest parts of getting more leads for your wedding business is that many marketing strategies cost money.  When you’re just starting out…or when you don’t have many leads to begin with…you don’t have the money to invest. It’s Mother Marketing’s cruelest catch 22. But there IS a solution: bang for the buck, Bootstrapper […]

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How to Get More Leads From Your Wedding Directory Listing

Bride and Groom

by Steff Green Wedding directories are rampant online – and they offer a valuable service to brides and grooms looking for vendors. Directories might be attached to blogs, wedding magazines, or on their own websites. They collate local vendors into an easily searchable database to help couples find everything they need in one place. Most […]

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Cool Free Tool: WD40 for the Stuck Wedding Blogger

Old Typewriter

Hola, fellow wedding vendor! In the name of brevity, let’s get right to the point. Sometimes I struggle with IDEAS about what to blog about.  Anything that gives me a helping hand with that is quite welcome. Without further ado, here is a cool little site I came across to help you generate content. You’re […]

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