25 Free Places to Share Wedding Blog Posts

Repeat after me: “I didn’t go to all of the trouble to write this blog post and then not take the time to promote it.”

Remember that marketing is a system you install (when it’s done right). Part of good blogging is taking the time to promote your post after you hit “publish.”

YES: share your real wedding blog posts with any other involved wedding vendors.

NO: hit publish then take a nap.

The easiest ways to share your blog posts are with free apps and plug-ins like Shareaholic (I use this one), Blog2Social (I tried this one…has great potential and easy-to-use, but it didn’t work right with my theme), Social Networks Auto Poster (I use this one…set-up was complicated so I had to hire someone from Upwork to help), Crowd Fire (I also love this one), Hoot Suite, and CoSchedule (I tried this one and found it to be too complicated, but the features are great).

#1 – Blogger

#2 – Digg

#3 – Diigo

#4 – Del.icio.us

#5 – Facebook

#6 – Flickr – share photos from your blog posts

#7 – Google Plus

#8 – Instapaper

#9 – JustYo.co

#10 – LinkedIn

#11 – LiveJournal

#12 – Medium.com

#13 – Path

#14 – Pinterest – take a screenshot of your blog post, upload it as a pin, and link it back to your site

#15 – Plurk.com

#16 – StumbleUpon

#17 – Torial

#18 – Tumblr

#19 – Twitter

#20 – We Heart It

#21 – Xing

#22 – Reddit

#23 – Flipboard

#24 – Inbound.org

#25 – GrowthHackers.com

Remember to use #hashtags as well when you share your blog posts.

If you tweet your blog posts, use a URL shortener like Bitly or TinyURL.

Once I started making a concerted effort to share my blog posts on as many networks as possible, I noticed an almost instant SEO boost. Blogging regularly will also double the effect of sharing your posts on the above sites.

Do you share your blog posts right now? If so, where? Let me know in the comments below…and happy bloggings!

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Staci Nichols

San Diego wedding DJ Staci Nichols is a graduate of Book More Brides' "Rapid Growth System" and "Book Your Calendar Solid with Blogging" courses. She writes the wedding column for Mobile Beat magazine. Her writing has also appeared in San Diego Style Weddings, Offbeat Bride, Wedding Planner Magazine, Brides Without Borders, Wed Loft, and the Gig Masters wedding blog. To see her Book More Brides training in action, check out her website: http://www.sandiegodjstaci.com

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10 thoughts on “25 Free Places to Share Your Blog Posts For Backlinks”

  1. Guliobiz says:

    1 to 25 all are best and high pr sites , thank you for sharing the great link post, well done.

  2. Millie says:

    I heard that the links from most of the social media sites are no follow links, for example and link posted on facebook is a no-follow link. Is this true?

    1. DJ Staci says:

      True but they will still help you

  3. I must be missing something here… I get the idea in principle, but the how escapes me. And where and how to use the # s ? Inside the blog post itself ? Can you do a bullet point Do THIS. style of article please.

    1. What you need to do here, is to click on the link of the sites they gave to you. Then once you are there, follow the instructions. Most of the sites will have you fill out your profile . do it exactly the same on every single site you want to share your blog with. For example…if your address is 123 Main Street use 123 Main Street all the time. Do not abbreviate street or google may consider this a different business.

    2. DJ Staci says:

      Go to my twitter page and see how I shared this blog post as an example: https://twitter.com/SanDiegoDJStaci Hashtags do not work in blog posts.

    3. DJ Staci says:

      Great idea! Let me see if Steph & Jeff can add some screenshots!

    4. DJ Staci says:

      Go to my twitter page and see how I shared this blog post as an example: https://twitter.com/SanDiegoDJStaci Hashtags do not work in blog posts. Let me see if Steph can add some screenshots!

  4. Great advice that I’ll put to use right away! Thank you.

  5. Neeta bansal says:

    Yeah its high Page rank sites, thank you for sharing the blog, very informative.

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