I unearthed some interesting Pinterest stats the other day that reveal why you should seriously consider using Pinterest to promote your wedding business.

I know, I know.  Just what we need: another social media platform to hang ourselves from.

While I don’t recommend chasing every new kid on the block, Pinterest is worth a look…especially for wedding photographers, videographers and planners.  Use that photo, video and decor inspiration to show off your expertise and win over those brides!

Check out this handy-dandy little infographic that makes the data a little more fun to look at.

Pinterest Factology

    • Pinterest has over 11.7 million unique monthly US visitors.


    • 80% of Pinterest users are women.


    • The most popular age group on Pinterest is 25-34 year olds.


    • Women are five times more likely to use Pinterest and almost twice as likely to be college-educated.


    • 69% of online consumers who visit Pinterest have discovered an item they’ve bought or want to buy, compared with only 40% of Facebook users.


  • Pinterest referrals spend 70% more money than visitors referred from non-social channels.

Statistics courtesy of Huffington Post and TechCrunch.

If your target brides include affluent, college educated women age 25-34, there’s a really good chance, a really, really good chance, you can find them on Pinterest.

Find bride on Pinterest
Courtesy of: Book More Brides

What do you think about Pinterest?

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One thought on “Free Infographic: Brides on Pinterest”

  1. Jon says:

    Naturally the next step is to create video infographics too. You can do this eith some online tools or in packages such as powerpoint, but even easier for those with more advanced graphic packages such as photoshop.

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