The top concerns of wedding business people are…

  • Getting more leads.
  • Booking more weddings.

That’s what the Wedding Business Acceleration Summit, a free event just for wedding professionals, is all about!

It’s 7 days of totally FREE, high value wedding marketing strategies you can use to book more weddings at higher prices.

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Here are the awesome presentations lined up so far:

DAY 1 – “21 Must Have FREE Tools and Resources to Turbo Charge Your Wedding Biz” with Stephanie & Jeff Padovani of (That’s us!)

DAY 2 – “Power of 10: How 7 Small Changes Can Double Your Profits!” with Brian McGovern of

DAY 3 – “The Power of Pinning: How to Get More Leads and Customers With Pinterest” with Melanie Duncan of

DAY 4 – “Effortless PR: How to Generate a Promotional Buzz Without Working Your Tail Off” with Meghan Ely of

DAY 5 – “Blog Swapping: How to Steal Other People’s Traffic, Fans and Readers…and Have Them Love You For it!” with Kathy DalPra of

DAY 6 – “The Secret to Getting Brides on Facebook in Only 15 Minutes a Day” with Christine Dyer of

DAY 7 – “How to Book Yourself Solid with Youtube in 3 Steps” with James Wedmore of

This is a ground-breaking, one of a kind event just for professionals in the wedding business, with experts from inside and outside the wedding industry, so don’t miss out!