The fox is clever and crafty.

She has lots of tricks, productivity hacks and studies smart marketing. She owns all the bells and whistles and fancy tools.

The hedgehog is simple.

He has one strategy: curl up in a ball.

A predator jumps out at you? Curl up in a ball.

Get lost in the woods? Curl up in a ball.

Forget your lunch and don’t know what to do? Curl up in a ball.

While the hedgehog has one trick, it works very well.

And a fox can almost never catch a hedgehog.

What does this have to do with your business?

Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, in an interview with Tim Ferriss, talks about the importance of finding your “hedgehog” in business.

This is the secret to a business or career that lasts.

Finding Your Hedgehog

Your hedgehog is the intersection of 3 circles:

1 – Your passion.

What do you absolutely love doing, learning and talking about?

2 – What you’re designed to be the best in the world at doing.

This is distinguished from something you’re just good at. It’s your genius. It’s in your DNA.

What are you already really, really good at?

(You probably don’t think of this as “genius” because it comes so easily to you.)

3 – An economic engine.

In other words, it’s a model that makes money.

The more difficult it is to find someone who can do what you do and the greater the demand, the easier it is to build a profit model around it.

Most times entrepreneurs pick a business and then try to fit themselves into it.

What if you found your HEDGEHOG and created your business around that instead?

You’d have a one-of-a-kind profitable business. That’s what. 🙂

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