Wedding Planner and Management Business Startups

by Shubh Das

The wedding planning business is a relatively new concept though marriage itself as an institution has survived through centuries. However, the concept has been embraced well by many entrepreneurs of today because of increasing market demands, low overhead costs of running such businesses and high profits assured.

Since event planning is such relatively new idea, business strategies have to be direct and effective to bring home the bacon.

Here are five wedding planning and management marketing strategies that can assure rapid business growth and expansion, without spending a lot on marketing.

1) Market Analysis

An event planner needs to analyze the market and competition before embarking upon a new venture. You have to consider whether the market is ready for the idea of event management or if couples in your area still prefer managing social events like weddings all by themselves. Event management is a profitable business model in urban markets, but the idea has not yet been widely accepted in rural markets.

Don’t forget to measure the competition in your area and target just your local market to start.

2) Develop a Website & Social Media Identity

Having a website is the cornerstone of any new venture. Even before you print business cards, you should launch a website for your company, publish ads in free classified sites and use social media extensively.

This is necessary to create a buzz about your new event planning and management company and the services you offer. Let people learn about your brand from the web. Direct marketing campaigns should start from here only.

3) Getting the First Client

Finding the first client is the biggest challenge to face and overcome. The problem with many event planning and management entrepreneurs is that they don’t know how to qualify the best prospective clients and take an all-inclusive marketing strategy, which invariably fails.

To get the first client, you have to promote the idea first, and then the brand, ONLY to the target market who is most likely to hire you. No point wasting money and time in aimless marketing campaigns.

A bit of networking among friends and family members is a great idea to get a good start. You can enter a deal with the local wedding venue owners to get your first leads. Promise mutual benefits and they will be up for it.

4) A Portfolio to Envy

Once you have your first contract, get ready to meet the lofty expectations of your client. Try and make the event a big hit. Keep in mind that critics are everywhere who would make a mountain out of a molehill and your one small mistake could cost you a fortune.

Manage the event successfully and hire a professional photographer to capture the best moments of the wedding event. Upload these photos on your site’s portfolio section.

Ask for feedback from the bride and groom and the guests as well. Make your website rich with wedding photographs conveying your USP (unique selling proposition.)

5) Stay in Touch with Clients

Send your past clients special day and holiday greetings. Keep them informed about seasonal offers and discounts, and see what happens.

Staying in regular touch with existing and previous clients is actually a great way to remind them that you were always there, at their service. If those clients were satisfied with your services, they will refer your business to friends and colleagues. Reap benefits from referrals and keep extending your serviceability. Include new services, expand your business and wait for profit margins to reach new highs.

Vendor coordination and relationship management is important. Your entire marketing campaign would lead to nowhere if you fail to maintain a good rapport with your vendors. Let’s not forget this fact.

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Shubh Das is a wedding planner in Kolkata, India. Aside from coordinating events, Shubh is also a passionate writer and likes to share tips and his experiences with readers.