The benefits of using Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks for marketing are rather obvious. But what about the option to allow users to connect their social media accounts to your blog or website? This is something that I am seeing more and more business use online.

bride and cp

The benefits to doing this are huge when it comes to brides integrating with companies they are interested in. They can share what they are thinking of using for their wedding with friends to get their opinions, and see what others think about it.

When it comes to the business side it gives the opportunity for you to gather some basic information to utilize for marketing purposes for brides who are obviously interested in using you. Whether it will land you the contract, or even let you upsell to the bride additional products and services this is something that you might want to think about using. Make sure to check out the article by Patrick Salyer explaining what you can do with social media integration and how it works. What do you think?

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